2018 dates: 5th to 10th March

Entry Fee: £15.

The Cobo Open is Guernsey's only open competition for 10m Air Rifle and Air Pistol. 

The event is held at Cobo United's purpose-built range at Ruette de la Tour, Cobo, Castel around the first full week of March each year. Visitors from the UK and Jersey regularly take part.

The range has 8 firing points all using traditional paper targets on electric runners. 

The event is relaxed but does run in the spirit of ISSF rules. There is no equipment or clothing control although obvious breaches will be dealt with constructively.

Classes are decided based on known or submitted averages. Reclassification is possible if a competitor in a lower class attains sufficient score to reach the top 3 in the class above.

The competition consists of two rounds each of 60 shots. These are aggregated to arrive at a total score and to decide final placings.

On Saturday, the last day of the event, a presentation dinner is held at a local hotel or restaurant. For local shooters and people staying over, there is a fun shoot on the Sunday morning. Everyone including family and friends are invited to take part, with a chance of winning some small prizes. 



Dorset Smallbore Rifle & Pistol Association

The DSRPA organize air rifle and pistol leagues with entrants throughout the UK and the Channel Islands.

Guernsey shooters have often fared well in these leagues with Cobo's Jack Hanca finishing in 2nd position in the 10m Pistol Division 1, Paul Guillou winning the 6 yard 1st division and Andy King winning Division 5 of the 10m Air Rifle league - all in the Winter 2013/14 season.

Below are the most recent results from the Dorset Smallbore Rifle and Pistol Association website (www.dsrpa.co.uk).

A full list of the archived results are available HERE.

Gas & Air Vol 205   (Dorset 2013/4 Airgun League Results, Rounds 7&8)

Gas & Air Vol 204   (Dorset 2013/4 Airgun League Results, Rounds 5&6)

Gas & Air Vol 203   (Dorset 2013/4 Airgun League Results, Rounds 3&4)

Gas & Air Vol 202   (Dorset 2013/4 Airgun League Results, Rounds 1&2)

Best match average -6 yards and 10m

Previous Winners

2013/14 - Jamie Le Page

The Air Pistol Club Championship is open to all fully paid up members of Cobo United Air Rifle Club.

The competition will be judge on the best aggregate of a set number of rounds, all shot at 10 metres. Each round will consist of 30 shots "shoulder to shoulder".

Previous Winners

2015/16 - Paul Guillou

2014/15 - Paul Guillou

2013/14 - Richard Mechem

2012/13 - Jacek (Jack) Hanca

Previous Winners

2016/17 - Andrea Guillou

2015/16 - Paul Guillou

2014/15 - Paul Guillou

2013/14 - Jordan Mann

2012/13 - Paul Guillou

2011/12 - Andrea Guillou

2010/11 - John D Mechem