Stranger Winners

The Stranger Cup 6 yard Air Rifle Competition

The Final of the Stranger Cup was held on Friday 2nd Feb 2018 at North United Air Rifle Club.

St Pierre Air Rifle Club went head to head against Cobo United. Cobo's team consisted of seasoned shooters Andrea and Paul Guillou along with three juniors who have been attending training sessions at Cobo for the past year or so - Euan Robert, James Ruddy and Jordan Guillou.

St Pierre's team was also a mix of experienced air rifle competitors with Chris Jackson, Alan Batiste, Phil Batiste, Mark Higgs and David Higgs.

With the Cobo juniors having almost no competition experience, but Andrea and Paul Guillou being expected to post high scores, there was no way of telling how the 6 yard match would play out.

When all the results were in, St Pierre's team posted very respectable scores all round with Chris Jackson scoring a commendable 192 and both Alan and Phil Batiste scoring 190 each.

The Cobo juniors did their bit for the team putting in scores ranging from 169 to 184 but the difference was more than made up by Andrea Guillou's 193 and Paul Guillou's maximum possible of 200.

Cobo thus won the match with a total score of 921 against St Pierre's 905.

Speaking after the match, Cobo's Team Captain and coach to the juniors Paul Guillou commented "It was great to see the juniors join us in this local competition. They all shot well. I am very pleased with their performance and they should be too. It's great to be able to come away with the win".